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Just a short rant on everything life, culture, women,
drugs and music from the struggling voice of the local
underground reporter himself, Christian Mumford, an
article of interest to Hawkwind fans and non-Hawkwind
fans alike:

Fall is a chilly season up here in Norway, a country
likened to Canada. Kids are back in school and rainy
days appear more often than not a cold precursor to
winter. I bet Canada has alot of great TV channels. I
don't watch much TV myself up here in Norway though we
have alot of good TV channels, or so I figure in the
last few years. I usually just go out to a bar or two
for a few beers or score some speed down by the
central train station in Oslo at nights as I no longer
own a TV. Haven't caught a good band in awhile,
though. Used to see Motörhead every time they passed
through town. Urban life tends to be the same wherever
you go in the world, really. New York City is great. I
ate a great Paella with my girlfriend Jenny once at a
spanish restaurant in the East Village. The wine of
the house was excellent. When I invited her out for
Indian at The Tandoori Village in Oslo I also ordered
the wine of the house. The Tandoori there is excellent
and the restaurant has an excellent atmosphere. In
Copenhagen there is a great Viet-Namese restaurant
which name escapes me. I lived on and off in Denmark
over many summers in the late 80's and early 90's as
my stepfather worked and lived outside Copenhagen for
awhile. In Poland they bread their steaks, which is
excellent, and I ate some incredibly tasty Polish
cousine at a hotel outside Wroclaw, Poland when I was
travelling Denmark, Holland, Germany and Poland by
train in 1995. I also ate a great Ghoulash in at a
restaurant in Wroclaw. Polish beer is called Piwo. In
Lodz, I saw "The Killing Fields" overdubbed in Polish
in my hotel room on TV. So-called "Irish" pubs in Lodz
were like little well lit restaurant type environs
with tables with plastic plaid tablecloth. Trying to
find a decent place for a beer was hell as Lodz was
full of these strange little "Irish pubs". The big
discos in Poland are usually strange big well-lit
ballrooms from the 1930's and 40's or just other
underground discos in the city. I even went to a
Polish bordello just to speak to someone who might
have known something about my strange situation of
being followed around Europe and conspired against,
like a prostitute who might have known something. That
was after questioning numerous Taxi drivers in East
Berlin and in Wroclaw about my case in the previous
week. I visited Dresden just to see the ruins from the
war and it was fascinating as I was trying to get into
Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five" at the time. I
read his "Galapagos" on the train from Denmark just
for the trip. A few years later, in 1998, I saw Nik
Turner perform with Swedish band The Moor at The
Molotow in Hamburg. My friend Scott and I smoked a few
joints with him before the show while interviewing him
for psych/spacerock fanzine "Aural Innovations" in the
US. The show was pretty crazy, and outside the venue
there were loads of skinheads and punks loitering the
streetcorners as if they were trying to tell us
something. I'd read Julian Cope's "Krautrocksampler"
on the train from Denmark to Hamburg. Well, that's
Europe for y'all, probably miles away from any
Stateside scene for goth or punk. As far as Canada
goes, I've only been to Quebec, actually. I was only
12, though. The band Voïvod hail from French-Canada,
MOntreal I beleive, and they are one of my favorite
bands. I saw 'em live in Oslo in November '97. I spoke
to drummer Michel Langevin for a long awhile about
obscure progrock after the show. Faith No More are
another band I have seen many a time at muddy
festivals outside Oslo and at venues in the city
throughout the 90's. They always put on a great show.
The first show I ever went to was Lenny Kravitz in
Oslo in 1989, and he was really strung out on heroin.
I later saw Hawkwind as a power trio at the same venue
in 1991.  Anyway, Canada probably has more in common
with Europe than the US as far as urban life goes.
When I lived in New Jersey in the early to mid 90's as
an art student, we'd go to alot of go-go bars or just
trip on LSD or smoke pot at our regular old party pad
where we lived. I met a girl there I moved in with for
awhile. She was almost kind of a goth, she had a
Danzig tat over her ass and ran off with a bunch of
bikers in The Pagans. She was a true New Jersey heavy
metal girl and I was very much in love with her. I had
a roommate there who was also almost kind of a goth.
Tricky little guy. Most of my friends were punks,
really, especially in second and third  year of art
school. What sucked about New Jersey were all the
Puerto Ricans, none whom were goths either. You
couldn't throw a Sisters Of Mercy CD around without
any of them yelling "Salsa!". Anyway, Canada is bound
have less Puerto Ricans as they probably can't get
that far on a raft. That's Canada for ya, I guess.
Will anyone here enjoy being a dark and mysterious
couple going to Canada, then? Shopping for anything in
particular? What are you looking to shop for?  If
nothing else, go for the local butcher's for fresh
meat or any given flea market for a good selection of
comics anywhere in the world and you are bound to find
Puerto Ricans there too. I'm not really picking on
Puerto Ricans in general, just one guy who was a
roomate of mine in New Jersey who looked like a
hooknosed liar replica of Ozzy Ozborne. He was a
blonde curly haired and blue eyed fat Puerto Rican who
did alot of cocaine and was a swine with the
"Floodland" Sisters Of Mercy album and he played such
a shitty guitar at his retarded cocaine frat parties
and when he was such a lonely little loser. My first
girlfriend Dorothea thought I looked like Wayne Hussey
and the guy in Warrior Soul. She'd always say
"awesome" and "cool" with a heavy New Jersey accent. I
met her while she was dancing at a go-go bar called
The Showplace and asked her to move in with me. After
about the third time Dorothea and I had sex she asked
me "So you don't have a girlfriend in Norway, somebody
who is waiting for you?" I said "No. In fact you are
the first girl I ever had sex with." She replied "I
can't beleive that, it just wouldn't seem that way."
Beautiful girl.

ObCD: Hüsker Dü - "Zen Arcade"

"Captain Swing wants his revenge at the Solstice at
        - Inner City Unit

"Uncle Sam is very humane, he'd do anything for
anybody... He'd put him out his misery, give him some
nuclear death... Uncle Sam is very humane..."
        - Hawkwind

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