Henderson Keith keith.henderson at PSI.CH
Fri Oct 11 04:51:46 EDT 2002

SL states...

> Notes: this DVD was filmed and produced by fans for fans -
> although video quality is very good (and audio excellent),
> only one camera was used throughout - it's a great concert,
> but don't expect a big budget production! Note also that
> the DVD is actually a DVD-R disc - please make sure your
> set-top player can handle these (most can) before ordering!

Is there a 'region-encoding' situation here?  Will it play
on a US (Region 1) device?

He asks not knowing whether he'll ever own a Region 2 device
and not actually having his DVD player (R1) with him at the
moment, so only for future reference.  Anyway, I'll probably
get one of these DVDs and hold onto it until Xmas to see if
I can play it when I get 'home.'

Grakkl (FAA)

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