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the Hassan is off a live vid 'love in space@ Brixton95/96???And the other
traqck is PXR>5 >>>Lyrics anyway???AL.

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>Subject: HW: Ambient Anarchists CD
>Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 09:20:32 +0100
>Hi to one and all,
>I've been away from the list for some time and have only just rejoined.
>Lots happening in the HW camp at the mo, I'll just have to catch up with
>the WotW and new cd stuff.
>While I've been away, I bought the Snapper Music compilation 'Ambient
>Whilst posessing a moderate amount of HW cds, I don't have everything, and
>compared to the good folks on this list - I am but an amateur. :o)
>Can anyone identify the 3rd track on CD1, which is labelled as High Rise,
>but most certainly isn't.
>(Lyrics start with :
>"3 years ago our nova drive failed,
>and we drifted in space.....")
>Also, can anyone help me out where some of the tracks originally come from,
>such as the blinding version of Hasan I Sahba (sounds mid 90s with Alan
>Good to be back.
>(Even tho I did mess up registration - thanks Ben for sorting me out !)
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