HW: IITBOTFTBD (was: Sonic Attack)

Eric Siegerman erics at TELEPRES.COM
Sat Oct 12 10:28:06 EDT 2002

On Sat, Oct 12, 2002 at 12:19:13AM +0100, Jonathan Jarrett wrote:
>         I admit at this time that _Space Bandits_ and IItBotFTBD are the
> two core HW albums I don't have. [...]
> I've heard so many bad
> reviews that I have to have money to hand I'm willing to chuck away before
> I'll chance it.

Well I for one like Business a lot; it's just the acronym that
sucks :-)

But then, I'm into trancy stuff in just about any form --
everything from the SR version of MotU (mind-numbingly
repetetive, but that's a lot of its appeal for me), to Autobahn,
to Nusrat, to Frank Marino guitar solos (just discovered at
Mahogany Rush's recent gig here; go figure), to twenty djembe
players going like snot at a fire circle playing the same beat
for an hour.

Do try to find someone to play Business for you before writing it
off completely...


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