HW: IITBOTFTBD (was: Sonic Attack)

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I believe Space Bandits in particular to be an excellent album. For me it's
actually up there with the best of them!


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> On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 06:14:01PM -0400, Chris Raymond typed out:
> > I think Living on a Knife Edge is a completely great HW song. I would
> > happy if this was played live someday. I love this album too. My least
> > favorite HW album was always IITBOTFTBD.
> > I have not listened to it for many years, I should check it out.
>         That's ironic, what with `Living On A Knife Edge' being recycled
> for that album. Or is that why you dislike it so?
>         I admit at this time that _Space Bandits_ and IItBotFTBD are the
> two core HW albums I don't have. All the others but not those, in some
> official form or other. Oh, and _Live 79_ but that's just out of being
> useless rather than actual policy. But of those two I've heard so many bad
> reviews that I have to have money to hand I'm willing to chuck away before
> I'll chance it.
>         Things of musical note I have been spending on of late, Queens of
> the Stone Age's _Songs for the Deaf_ which is utterly marvellous and I
> will brook no argument on this; Magic Muscle's _Gulp_ which *ought* to be
> great given the people involved but really really isn't, Farflung's _Nine
> Pin Body_ which everyone needs but why oh why can't he do both AL and
> Farflung for heavens sakes? and Chrome's _Tidal Forces: no Humans Allowed
> Pt 2_, my first Chrome ever and knowingly the reformed version but firstly
> it has Grenas again and that's generally fairly safe (The Brain
> excepted) and secondly it's on Man's Ruin so I'll never ever see it again.
>         Things I would be spending on if they were yet anywhere I could
> buy them: Blue Oyster Cult's _Long Day's Night_, Porcupine Tree's _In
> Absentia_ (OK, yes, I could get both these on import, but I want to buy
> them both in a shop by way of propaganda and also I'm not getting the PT
> one till I know that the UK version I could wait for won't have extra
> tracks on, burnt one too many times by that outfit) and Bedouin's
> self-titled, which I see Alan is advertising as a Voiceprint re-release
> but I haven't yet see float through any mail-order lists I peruse.
>         But I digress, dear friends, I digress... Yours,
>                                                          Jon
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