HW: Hassan I Sahba 45 vinyl single

Sat Oct 12 16:33:54 EDT 2002

I'm celebrating my first successful foray into Ebay!   My Hassan I Sahba
45 vinyl single arrived safely this morning and the entire process was
astonishingly hassle free.     Ebay do seem to have a pretty good
organisational set up.

I'm kind of curious though.   This was the 2nd Hassan I Sahba single to
be auctioned there and several other really very high quality rare if
not unique Hawkwind items were being listed for sale at the same time.
I'm fairly sure that someone's highly prized Hawkwind collection is
being sold off in America and the only person I know of with a
collection of that quality is Mike Coleman.   Does anyone know if it is
his and if so why?    I guess it can't be good news whoever it is -
nobody sells a collection of that quality without good reason.

Thanks for any info
Jill Strobridge <jill at theta-orionis.freeserve.co.uk>

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