OFF: "Space Does Not Care" Play-list 10/5

Chuck Rosenberg Chuckrecs at AOL.COM
Sat Oct 12 14:07:32 EDT 2002

"SPACE DOES NOT CARE" airs every Sat evening from 5-7pm PST on 88.3fm KUCR.
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me at: <chuckrecs at>.

1.Escapade "Eclipse in Carbon" (Rule #3; Submergence; thanks to Hadley!)

2.Amon Duul II "Ladies Mimicry" (BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert; Windsong)
3.Vas Deferens Org/Electric Co "Hushed Plateau of Gelid Elves/Snappy Smarm"
(More Pelvis Wick for the Baloney Boners; Tekito)
4.Robot vs. Rabbit "I have been an Axe in the Hand/Because his Art is Slender
as His Youth" (Trading the Witch for the Devil; Mandra Gora)
5.Census of Hallucinations "Where?" (Sixth Sense; Stone Premonitions)
6.Drunken Gunmen "Fractal Parsecs" (Journey to the Far Side of the Sun EP;
Spaced Out Sounds; thanks to DGM!)

7.High Rise "Mira" (Cosmic Harushi Monsters Vol. 1 comp; Virgin)
8.Faust "Don't Take Roots" (71 Minutes; ReR)
9.Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band "Dropout Boogie" (Safe as Milk)
10.Charles Manson "Mechanical Man" (Lie)
11.ST 37 "When You were Dreaming" (Nunavut; Blue Circle)
12.Cosmic Couriers "Dat Loop" (Other Places; Hypnotic/Cleopatra)

13.Korai Orom "track #4" (Sound and Vision 2000)
14.Popol Vuh "Segnung" (Hosianna Mantra; ZYX/Ohr)
15.Space Team Electra "Helios" (Vortex Flower; Serius Pop)
16.Roots of Orchis "Channel 99" (When the Mequito Stung the Crocodile;

17.Orb "Alles ist Schoen" (Pomme Fritz; Island)
18.Nik Turner "Walking in the Sky" (Prophets of Time; Cleopatra)
19.Hawkwind "Opa Loka" (Warrior on the Edge of Time; Griffin/Dojo)

thanks, Chuck

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