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I must add.. at confusoin is ilusoin...sorry boutda speelub

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>Been thinking about this one for awhile:
>One of my favorite Judge Dredd stories has to be the
>one where Judge Dredd is travelling across the
>Scorched Earth to Mega City 2 to get a cure for a
>plague that's destroying Mega City 1. He encounters a
>mining colony run by a violent and cruel slavedriver
>who treats his alien slaves as animals. The alien
>slaves are from strip mine colonies on alien planets.
>Judge Dredd asks a 'lil alien ant eater guy who
>carries rocks for the slave driver for directions and
>gets help. At some point later the ant eater alien
>drops a big rock and is cruelly and mercilessly and
>without reason beaten to death by the slave owner.
>Judge Dredd avenges the alien's death by murdering the
>slave owner and buries the cute 'lil alien guy,
>shedding a tear. Dredd holds a simple burial ceremony
>and mourns for a moment and says something like "I am
>sorry it had to be this way, little fellow. Our earth
>has suffered the holocaust and it is just the way it
>is supposed to be. Nobody is supposed to 'get it' in
>space travel. I am sorry we took your life on this
>planet. Rest in peace. Amen.". Judge Dredd shows his
>emotion with a short moment of silence and continues
>on his trek.
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