OFF: 35007 (was: Pseudo Sun)

Andreas Stuewe Andreas.Stuewe at T-ONLINE.DE
Mon Oct 14 12:39:57 EDT 2002

Jonathan Jarrett wrote:
>         I've heard of 35007 as a stoner band, I'm impressed they were
> supporting HW as the two scenes so often seem not to touch each
> other. Bedouin should have signed to Rise Above or the late lamented Man's
> Ruin ages ago, it's not like there's that much difference in
> style... And there's a band like Red Giant in the US who are really
> stoner-metal more than space, got tied up in the Strange Daze thing
> and no-one on knows who they are... Anyway, if 35007
> managed to cross the zone that's good. Which of the two albums is the one
> to get? I've been wondering about their stuff for a while now.

Check out the first one, "Especially for you" from 1994. The second one (just
called 35007) is sounding more industrial. Both still feature their old
vocalist. Haven´t heard the new album, but it must be like the "Von Braun" EP
which came out last year and isn´t bad.


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