cd releases available through CD Services?

Michael W Blackman Michaelangelo68 at AOL.COM
Tue Oct 15 00:26:30 EDT 2002

I dont believe there is a charge for or to the reciever of an international money order.  The buyer of the international money order (in this case - you) should be charged the appropriate fees at the time you purchase the money order.

In a message dated Tue, 15 Oct 2002 15:09:18  AEDT, Bryan Young <jwhe10 at SK.SYMPATICO.CA> writes:

> Calling Andy G:
> Rik has mentioned the variety of Bedouin stuff available through the
> website, but it's not easy to say how well orders from various
> countries would be handled.  It does say that Overseas Money Orders must add
> 2 pounds, but I'm afraid that (because I live in Canada) any fee to cash my
> CDN money order would be a lot more than the 2 pounds listed, being in a
> strange currency and all.  I'm afraid that the fee assumes a US money order
> will be sent, and I can't easily get those living here in Canada.
> Here's the question -- is CD Services going to stock some of these?  Or if
> not, would they consider stocking a limited amount if the listmembers
> preordered?  Give us a deadline to have our orders in, use our credit cards
> to fund the orders, and then place them on our behalf.  (I'm not loathe to
> write to the East Devon postal box, but without an email to confirm what my
> exact total would be, I'm afraid of just wasting time and causing a hassle.
> In particular, I'd love to order:
> Bedouin - Live and Beyond (cdr)
> Al Chemical's Lysergic Orchestra (cdr)
> Sorry to ask this question on the list, but I figured others might be
> interested in the response, too.
> Cheers,
> Bryan Young

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