BOC Recommendations?

John Swartz jswartz at MITRE.ORG
Fri Oct 18 08:17:37 EDT 2002

> I would recommend Curse of the Hidden Mirror, but not as a primer.  It's certainly not indicative of the creative heights BOC has achieved musically or lyrically, but it's a damn good album, and I think it proves that BOC still has more to offer.

I would agree.  You can read the BOC FAQ for more recommendations
(  Secret Treaties was my
first BOC album (I was a big Godzilla movie fan, and I wanted to hear
this song called "Godzilla" by this band called "Blue Oyster Cult" - I
found Secret Treaties in a used record store and the rest, as they say,
is history) and I was hooked, although I think On Your Feet or On Your
Knees really got me into BOC.

> BTW. . . does anybody happen to know how BOC's last three albums, from HF to LDN, have fared commercially?  I know they weren't chart-toppers by any means, but I'm wondering if the new albums are making these guys money. . . which would in turn keep them recording, hopefully for a few more discs at least.

Numbers of something less than 100,000 (I heard between 40,000 and
80,000) were mentioned the summer after Heaven Forbid came out.  My
guess is that Curse may have sold something less than that (based only
on the fact that HF was sort of BOC's "comeback" album, and also because
it had 3 singles to Curse's one), and the jury is still out on LDN.  Of
course, LDN may get more sales simply because many BOC fans will buy the
CD *and* the DVD -- I would take a WAG that the 3 albums in total will
sell around 200,000 to a quarter of a million units.

> And who do we blame for "Pocket" not being a hit???  As a former on-air radio guy  (--currently writing for radio)  My humble opinion is that it really could have been a hit.  And was there ever even a second single???  I heard Pocket once, but never heard anything else.

Blame it on CMC International (a division of BMG records), I guess.  I'm
no radio guy, but I thought that "Pocket" definitely had great radio
play potential.  A good summertime, roll-down-top, hit the highway and
crankitup type of song.  Unfortunately, I think CMC's budget is too
small to really promote their artists - they basically seem to exist to
give bands that were once big a vehicle to release their current music
for their long-time fans.


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