HW: BOC: Larry Fast

Alisa coral at APORT.RU
Fri Oct 18 13:16:32 EDT 2002

He also played synth on Meat Loaf's "Dead Ringer" (81).


> I don't know if this has been covered before, but Larry Fast may provide a
> non-Moorcock BOC-HW link. He played synths on several Nektar albums, and
> Calvert guested on another (though they didn't both appear together) and
> allmusic.com claims Larry Fast played synths on Revolution by Night
> (presumably just a few tracks). My CD copy of RBN has squat in the way of
> liner-notes, no personnel list, and my vinyl copy seems to have gone AWOL,
> so I can't check that out though.
> Stephan

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