Pierluigi Fumi gg at NINJANET.COM
Sun Oct 20 16:43:21 EDT 2002

Alan wrote:

> Love For Sale (I think)

yes, in the last tour there is this great song! I hope they'll come to
Italy, I want to see this song live!

> <a track i can't remember>
It could be R.A.M.O.N.E.S.: from when Joey e Dee are dead, Motorhead
always play live this song (1 min and half long).

> <a sort of Lemmy solo thing that is on an album but I
just can't place>>

well, in this tour i see there is a song called "Just 'Cos You Got The
Power", but there's not in any MH's album, it is only an old single
song never republicated.

Never to say about Hawkwind and Anthrax, I've never seen them live :((

ciao!, gg

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