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Steve Litchfield slitchfield at UKONLINE.CO.UK
Mon Oct 21 07:14:00 EDT 2002

Thanks to Jeff for his honest review. Yes, there occasional between track
audio dropouts of a fraction of a second, but all you miss are
milliseconds of audience applause/noise, so no great loss, I hope. The
music was my first priority.

Yes, things like video fade-ins and outs of the main set and encore would
have been nice to do, but I had limited time and equipment when I created
the disc. I'm hoping an extra Huw DVD, with perhaps a few interviews and
guitar tutorials, might be a possibility in the future. If there's enough
interest in this DVD, then there will be impetus and finance to make the
second one even more professional 8-)

I received another review of the Huw LL DVD
(http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/hawkwind/huwdvd.htm) from Richard Crossley of
this list:
"Well, I was at the gig and was stood about 5 feet behind the (single)
camera for most of the evening and I can honestly say this recording is
just as I remember the night... 'Twas one the best gigs I've seen Huw do
with his band in the last 10 years or so, the DVD captures the evening
exactly and the sound quality is A++. Can't recommend it highly enough.
Delivery was excellent too, cheque went in the post Monday night, DVD on
doormat Wednesday morning! Thanks to all involved!"

Anyway, nice to preserve what I thought was a great gig. I disagree with
Jeff that Huw was 'idling' - considering that he'd just recovered from
Legionnaire's disease and broken wrist, etc, I think he played a
Steve Litchfield
Simon King and Hawkwind, http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/hawkwind/

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