HW: OFF: One Eyed Bishops studio album update (The School of Rock-n-Roll )

Burro Mike sloterdijk at MSN.COM
Mon Oct 21 10:25:20 EDT 2002

Hello friends,  
it is with great pleasure that I announce the following information.  
The One Eyed Bishops will be recording their new studio album in two UK studios during the first two weeks of January 2003.
As stated earlier most of the material will be recorded at 'The Dugout' in Preston. This studio is owned and run by Rogalski, of Big Paws Records. www.BigPawsrecords.com
Many of you know him from our performance at last summer's Hawkfestival in Devon.


The OEBs will record a version of Screaming Lord Sutch's 'London Rocker' at 'The School of Rock-N-Roll' in south London. This studio is personally owned and run by Terry Clemson of The TT's. Terry was also the original lead guitarist for The Downliners Sect, and has played with greats such as Chuck Berry. In addition, Terry will play lead guitar on the cut, something he did with Sutch's group, 'The Savages'.  

It is with extreme happiness and excitement that I announce the personnel for this recording:
Mike Burro: rhythm guitar, vocals
Jay Adcock:drums, percussion
Don Craine: guitar, vocals
Keith Grant: bass, vocals
Terry Clemson: lead guitar, production & engineering

For more info about Terry, Don & Keith check out the following:

Don & Keith ( Downliners Sect) www.angelfire.com/rock3/yardbird_sect/

Terry: The Official TT's and School of Rock-N-Roll website: www.tts.ttfans.com

This should be a Richmond R&B extravaganza!!!!!!!!

Peace, Mike

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