BOC: at alban-ee, watch the DVD, hear the CD! BOC.

Scruton, Jason Jason.Scruton at DFA.STATE.NY.US
Thu Oct 24 11:02:56 EDT 2002

3oc and the Danny Miranda Experience were given a warm, nostalgic review in
the local "alternative news mag" GLad to see that "See You IN Black" is back
(wince) in the set.

Rondinelli is described by the reviewer as a "meat fisted assault" during
"the Reaper", and "more than once Bloom had to signal him to ease off."
Surpised, too, to see This aint the summer of love was in the set.

I didnt go because i reallly really disliked the idea of supporting BOC"s
opening act, Antigone Rising, by paying for a ticket.  Saw that band open
for Joan Jett and they ugh..... i won't continue.

Is the list split/fractured/apathetic about the sound on Long Days Night?
I've listened to it more (yay headphones at work) and it sounds a lot like
most live albums of late.  Almost too well miked, too well mixed. and Shiny.
Dinnae get me wrong, i wasnt expecting a frenetic aural assault like OYFOYK.
The sound is somewhere near the weird emptiness between songs on ETL (Though
i love the robot voice intro "this is a song from our agents of fortune
album" and a bit of the spark or verve on SEE. Dance on Stilts is a good
song for the band because the Drummer actually took  part in the song's
recording. I think that makes a huge difference.  Song selection wise, I
like the disc for having songs from CotHM,ninja (seriously, who woulda thunk
you'd hear a song from THAT??) and Forbid. Not to mention Quicklime Girl. I
dont think Rondinelli gets the vibe of the tune so he beats living and dead
horses on his drum fills, but Buck's note for note revisiting of his most
angular solo on vinyl is worth it.    Also, never knew that Allan Lanier
soloed in LAst Days of May until I saw the Dvd. He is good.

Did anyone else note on the DVD how the tour passes are Homer holding the
BOC medallion?

Great.I have "Let Go" stuck in my head. that's the last time i try to be
clever with the subject line.

Be happy with what you have to be happy with!

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