at alban-ee, watch the DVD, hear the CD! BOC.

Mike Montfort mikemont at NYCAP.RR.COM
Thu Oct 24 15:36:47 EDT 2002

Just a quick note agreeing with the Antigone Rising sentiment I read on the

This band just doesn't cut the mustard either musically or in "uniqueness".
Amazing the number of younger (21 - 25) yr old women and men there to see
them however so they have some following. Just too much Female angst for me
to understand.

What was VERY cool however was the knot of three young (18 - 21) women, as
well as a different know of four young (18 - 21) men, in front and to the
right of me the entire BOC performance. (I was standing very close to the
stage).  Nice to see the next generation enjoying the boys as much as us 40+
yr olds!  (I know their ages because the venue allows all ages and marks the
"underage" with a big X on the top of the hand.)

More comments below.


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::->>> Now on to the "Albany" (Clifton Park) concert.  No Bucks Boogie!?!
::->> Very strange.
::->> No set lists as I warned but the band was very tight. I was standing
::->> four people away from the stage and enjoyed seeing the band so close.
::->> Closest I have ever been except for one SWB show in SF but that was so
::->> long ago I really don't remember it that well.. LOL
::->Generally, the sound is better back by the board at a BÖC show.
::->But you want to see what bD's up to!

Yea well since no one joined me for the CP show I thought I'd just mosey up

::->  Allan and Eric were
::->> playing a beautiful blue guitar (not at the same time of course) with
::->> a great airbrush painting of the BOC Cross with the reaper standing in
::->> front of it.  Sorry I don't know brand types by sight.
::->That would be an Eric bloom model by Harper.  EB has a couple of
::->them.  AL usually plays Fenders, a Lone Star Strat, or, lately, a 52
::->reissue Tele...

Would that be a yellowish finish. Perhaps what he plays on LdoM?  Fantastic
sound from that guitar.

::->> Buck played a lot of stuff on a headless guitar as well as a white
::->> guitar with divots in it looking almost like Swiss cheese.
::->Uh, the white one is headless too, a 'cheeseburger' Steinberger.
::->BD's choice for many years now...

I'm thinking due to a possibly impared state, that the headless and the
cheeseburger where one and the same.. and our fave bass player was playing a
headless the entire show as well.

::-> I noticed
::->> also that Allan closes his eyes when he does the intro to Joan
::->> Crawford.
::->Ah, that explains it!

Not nice LOL.  It's a good piece...

::->Dominance - Submission yea that too.  Godzilla/Reaper of
::->> course.  Lips in the Hills as one of the encores was an interesting
::->> choice which I very much enjoyed.
::->Not usually an encore, so yeah!  Not always in the set list, but it
::->does appear from time to time, kind of like Teen Archer.  Did they
::->do that one?
::-> New stuff was Perfect Water, See
::->> you in Black and Pockets.
::->Glad SYiB is back in the set...

Very much done in an almost punk style.. much harder than on the studio.

::->> The mix was decent for Northern Lights but the keyboards were too low
::->> as usual.
::->Yeah, the sound there isn't great.  For some reason it's better
::->further back...

But you can't see further back... lol


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