Ted Jackson tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Mon Oct 28 08:28:27 EST 2002

Just got to view the DVD for the first time this weekend.  Overall
pretty good production.  Some nice closeups of BD's fretboard work.

I've been needling AL a bit on list lately for his guitar solos, but I'll go
on record here that his solo in LDoM is excellent!  And long.  Kind
of cool they let the song stretch out like that on a video...

We were talking some about DM's choice of instruments.  On the
DVD, I believe he plays nothing but Jazz basses.  Most of the tunes
are done on a black, all maple neck Jazz, with a black pickguard.
On a couple of tunes, it might be one with a white pickguard,
otherwise identical.  And he rips on everything!


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