HW: London Space Rock Festival

djsatan23 djsatan23 at SPACECENTRAL11.FSNET.CO.UK
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I think the precedent here is, it ain't confirmed until it's announced from
Mission Control, however "direct" it seems, Mission Control is the only
reliable source for Hawknews.

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The information came directly from Totalrock.  I have no idea who provided
the original info.


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>this is incorrect. the festival is not happening until next year now.
>always check mission control first.!!!!!!
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>Subject: HW: London Space Rock Festival
>The London Space Rock Festival happens at the Astoria on December 28. The
>bill features Hawkwind, Mister Quimby's Beard, Harvey Bainbridge, Spacehead
>and Litmus, Tickets cost £17.50 in advance, and doors open at 12.30pm.

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