High Rise from PXR5 CD

Doug Pearson jasret at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Oct 30 14:50:25 EST 2002

Interestingly enough, on the NikWind live version ('Past Or Future', I
think), Tommy Grenas sings as on the CD version, not the vinyl version.  I
prefer the vinyl version, too.  If you refer to Mike's message with the
Codex entry attached, you'll notice that the vinyl version can be found on
several CD compilations, including both Virgin/Charisma comps ('Tales From
Atomhenge' and 'Spirit of the Age') and the Griffin '25 Years On' box set.

     jasret at mindspring.com

On Wed, 30 Oct 2002 09:25:46 -0500, Steve Youles <youless at LVCM.COM> wrote:
>I read somewhere that when Virgin (?) issued the CD they inadvertantly used
>the wrong tape for "High Rise".  (FWIW I much prefer the vinyl version.)

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