HW: my position on this list, Hawkwind and Legendary Pink Dots

Amphetamine Embalmer superskrull666 at YAHOO.CO.UK
Thu Oct 31 12:33:48 EST 2002


Let me explain abit my position on Hawkwind and boc-l
since I have recently been controversial on this list,
people calling me a c*nt and stuff like that.

I've been a bona fide Hawkwind deadhead since 1988
with the "Chronicle Of The Black Sword" CD on
Flicknife, and was officially initiated deadhead at my
first Hawkwind live experience at the Alaska in Oslo,
'91. They were a power trio very well captured on the
same tour on the
"Kings of Speed, Lords of Light" bootleg CD. I have
since acquired over 120 Hawkwind CD's and will remain
faithful to Hawkwind forever. I just recently had to
toss my old Hawkwind/Screaming Lord Sutch t-shirt
I bought at the show because it was so worn. Wore an
Earth Ritual patch on my army coat for years. Also had
to get the Black Sword tour programme too for my
Michael Moorcock/Hawkwind archive.

I turned onto dothead when I saw the Legendary Pink
Dots play Oslo in '97. Particularly fell for "Faces In
The Fire", "Asylum", "From Here You'll Watch The World
Go By" and "Legendary Pink Box".

I first joined this list in 1996 and have been a
sporadic contributor ever since.

Anyway, just had to a few things off my chest, nazi or
no nazi, probably more of a skinhead or a punk or a
hippy all the way, either way... a dothead is a
dothead is a deadhead, a deadhead, a deadhead...


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