HW: Assassins Of Silence

Nick Lee nick.lee2 at VIRGIN.NET
Thu Oct 31 14:52:40 EST 2002

Took a quick drive over to Bicester last night to catch the Assassins' debut gig...
Cracking fun it was too, they played about an hour opening the set with Orgone Acculumator followed by Upside Down.  The set included quite a few songs that HW don't play these days, Kings Of Speed, Days Of The Underground (did they ever play that live? Bernhard?) and few favourites that they do, Brainstorm (with Ten Seconds... as the intro) and Brainstorm.  They had a few sounds problems, the vocals were none too clear, particularly the keyboard player's which were inaudible much of the time (and from I could gather he could hear much in monitor either).  Other songs played included LSD (bit ropey to start, but rocked when it kicked in properly), Needle Gun, Spirit Of The Age, Magnu and finishing with an encore of Silver Machine sandwiching 25 Years.  Some room for improvement certainly, but a cracking good show, especially for a first gig.  And a special mention should go to their lovely dancer who looked like she could have done with a bit more space to strut her stuff.
Well worth catching if you get the chance.


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