HW: my position on this list, Hawkwind and Legendary Pink Dots

Michael Blackman michael_1968 at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Thu Oct 31 23:28:27 EST 2002

My position on this list is on the big black furry couch next to the stereo
and the chilled beer keg.  AND I have the remote

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Subject: HW: my position on this list, Hawkwind and Legendary Pink Dots

> boc-l,
> Let me explain abit my position on Hawkwind and boc-l
> since I have recently been controversial on this list,
> people calling me a c*nt and stuff like that.
> I've been a bona fide Hawkwind deadhead since 1988
> with the "Chronicle Of The Black Sword" CD on
> Flicknife, and was officially initiated deadhead at my
> first Hawkwind live experience at the Alaska in Oslo,
> '91. They were a power trio very well captured on the
> same tour on the
> "Kings of Speed, Lords of Light" bootleg CD. I have
> since acquired over 120 Hawkwind CD's and will remain
> faithful to Hawkwind forever. I just recently had to
> toss my old Hawkwind/Screaming Lord Sutch t-shirt
> I bought at the show because it was so worn. Wore an
> Earth Ritual patch on my army coat for years. Also had
> to get the Black Sword tour programme too for my
> Michael Moorcock/Hawkwind archive.
> I turned onto dothead when I saw the Legendary Pink
> Dots play Oslo in '97. Particularly fell for "Faces In
> The Fire", "Asylum", "From Here You'll Watch The World
> Go By" and "Legendary Pink Box".
> I first joined this list in 1996 and have been a
> sporadic contributor ever since.
> Anyway, just had to a few things off my chest, nazi or
> no nazi, probably more of a skinhead or a punk or a
> hippy all the way, either way... a dothead is a
> dothead is a deadhead, a deadhead, a deadhead...
> Chr.
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