NIK wth Space Seed MOJO Club Baltimore 10/4

Stewartbas at AOL.COM Stewartbas at AOL.COM
Wed Oct 8 12:31:43 EDT 2003

Took the ride down from NYC on Sat to see Nik. All I can say is F**KING 
AWESOME. Got to the club around 9 and watched Cotten Casino drink beer and smoke 
for a couple of hrs until the opener came on with Nik guesting on sax. Forgot 
the name of the 1st band but the bass player from Space Seed was playing lead, 
actually they had 2 leads, no bass, Cotton playing FX and Theremin also a 
subliminal chanter at the back of the stage, no drums. They played a short set 
after Nik left the stage, mostly Ambient Noize and were very cool!
Nik and space seed started off with what I persumed to be a space Seed 
composition with Nik on Sax. Really Cool!. from here it just got better and better.
Children of the Sun...very heavy version
Orgonne Accumulator
Master of the universe
Shouldn't do that (Killer version) 
Silver Machine
theme from Pink Panther
In the Mood

Niks sax playing was brilliant throughout! Very little sound effects,honks, 
Squanks water fowl sounds, were not evident.
Space Seed who I heard for the 1st time that night were blazing!! They had 
all the Hawkwind Numbers nailed! Very Cool band!!
The Mojo club was on the small side with a nice stage and professional sound 
system.  The staff was really laid back and friendly, quite unlike the gestapo 
shitheads we have to deal with in New York.

The Light Show was done by another really cool dude name Craig Smith. He used 
a couple of film projectors and slide projectors along with small strobes. 
Very trippy!!
Craig has also provided his services to Helios Creed. If anyone on this list 
needs a pro Light Show, here's his email  craighsmith at


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