Killing Joke

Wed Oct 15 01:39:42 EDT 2003

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From: "Nick Medford" <nickmedford at HOTMAIL.COM>
> One Joke album I have always avoided is Outside The Gate- as I understand
> it this is is virtually a Jaz solo album, from a period when he was not at
> his best psychologically, and no-one seems to have a good word to say
> it. I did buy the single "America" at the time and didn't think much of
> anyone got any thoughts?

Yeah, I play it a bit and really quite like it. It certainly isn't a real KJ
album either musically or thematically but its interesting to hear Geordie
playing in a more delicate fashion here and there. Perhaps its KJ's
"Astounding Sounds", ie so different from before that its better qualities
are lost in its unexpectedness? Best non-KJ record of Coleman's is the one
that he did with Anne Dudley (Songs from the Eternal City?).


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