BOC: A "dizzying excursion into Pearlman's world"

Jason Scruton js3619 at ACMENET.NET
Sun Jul 11 12:37:56 EDT 2004

from an interview with a bandmember of a group that pearlman produced,
avail at
Years later, Prasad talks about the experience as a soul-scraping
enterprise, and a dizzying excursion into Pearlman's world.

"He has-well, this is a ridiculous understatement-a very unique way of
working," she said. "It's hard now to describe it all. We'd do basic
tracks, like eight or nine versions of them, and then he'd do a tape edit
on them, pulling little bits out of each performance and literally sticking
them together. They did this all the time in the '70s.

"Then we'd do the overdubs, countless versions, and try them all on top of
what Sandy had pasted together. Then the mixing, and then the mastering. I
was flying out to California for weeks at a time, and I even lived in San
Rafael for awhile during all of this.

"The further you get into a project like this, the more you feel like you
have invested in it, and you're sort of trapped by it. You can't walk away.
I left a lot of blood on the floor of that studio. At one point, he said to
me, 'You have to avoid psycho-spiritual fatigue.' I'm not sure, but I think
I passed that once or twice."

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