The Fort on Flame with Rock and Roll

JLoehr4299 at AOL.COM JLoehr4299 at AOL.COM
Sun Jul 11 02:07:45 EDT 2004

Here in Fort Wayne we kicked of our Three Rivers Festival today, and the
opening night concert was BOC! 'Bout time the made it back here. Sweated out the
stuffy tent and overpriced pop and beer, but it was worth it.

The setlist was:

R.U. Ready 2 Rock?--in the middle of this the power to the amps failed,
causing Eric to claim: "Once again BOC proves too powerful for the amps!" Don't
know if this was a 'bit' or not, but Eric, Buck and Danny went over to help Bobby
do a four-man drum solo while repairs were being made.
Harvester of Eyes
Burning for You
O.D'd on Life Itself
The Vigil--don't think I've seen this one live before. Great song.
Joan Crawford--Alan and his flying fingers on his keyboards
Cities on Flame
Last Days of May--Buck had trouble with his 'Cheeseberger' (so maybe the amp
prob wasn't a 'bit'?) so Alan stepped in with his Tele and did some grreat
Godzilla--crowd fav, of cuss. everyone sang along
(Don't Fear) The Reaper

for the encore:
Maserati GT (Ain't Got You)--Eric said they were going to do a boogie number.
I thought it would be 'Buck's Boogie.' Turned out to be 'Maserati,' which
I've never seen live.

Eric played his black SG with the silver/pearl-ish Chronos inlay. Cool to see
that, since I had an Epiphone SG (a G-310) done up like Eric's; Bigsby
tailpiece, but no Chronos. Now, come to find out Eric had his Bigsby removed, and a
stop-bar put in . Oh, well, he can play his A LOT BETTER than I can play mine.


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