HW: BOC: Fun with umlauts...

Tim ma-paharper at IOPENER.NET
Thu Jul 29 06:57:52 EDT 2004

Thanks for digging that up Keith; it was informative in case i  decid to put umlauts in my name. Over the i or maybe the t
Henderson Keith wrote:
 > A fun read...and with both BOC and HW content natch...
 > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_metal_umlaut
 > But how could they ignore Grotus, with umlauts over each of the four
 > consonants, but none over the two vowels?
 > Grakkl (FAA)
 > P.S.  Welcome back to both Carl Edlundh and David (I remember talking to you
 > at the Limelight '95 was it?)!

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