HW: Roadburn fest...(also AD2)

Henderson Keith keith.henderson at PSI.CH
Mon Jan 3 17:19:11 EST 2005

Hey Folks...

At the webpage for that Dutch one-dayer in April (where Litmus is confirmed
already), it mentions that they're trying to get Hawkwind to come and
headline.  They have three stages and an intended 10-band lineup (no names
listed yet), but it may turn out to be a worthwhile trip.  Note that lots of
the other bands will likely be of the heavier, stoner type, rather than
widdly stuff.  But that suits me fine.  Oh, and has anybody heard this Valis
CD featuring the Conner Brothers from Screaming Trees?  The Roadburn folks
seem to suggest it's quite space-rocky.

Ciao...Grakkl (FAA)

P.S. Set-list from last night's Krautrockpalast broadcast on WDR Koeln.
Official DVD to be released at some point in the future, I understand.

Birth Control
1. Just Before the Sun Will Rise
2. Back From Hell (Peter Foeller guesting on vocals)
3. Gamma Ray (w/ solos)

1. Woman
2. Big City
3. Fresh Air
4. Reflections
5. Tequila Shuffle

Guru Guru
1. Living in the Woods
2. Izmiz
3. Kleines Pyjama
4. Moshi Moshi
5. Der Elektrolurch jam

1. Burning Fire
2. Rock 'n' Roll Testament
3. In the Midnight
4. Queen of the Night
5. Keep it Together

Amon Düül II
1. Archangel's Thunderbird
2. Green-Bubble-Raincoated Man
3. Deutsch Nepal
4. Speed Inside My Shoes
5. All the Years Round
6. Kanaan

1. Daytime
2. Spain/Windows medley
3. Out in the Rain

Quick thoughts...it was pretty cool to see
these bands on TV, esp. AD2 and Guru Guru. As you might imagine,
their performances were in one sense the most chaotic and mistake-
prone, but then they were also by far the most experimental*
and 'true' to the krautrock ideal, so of course they were the most
enjoyable. AD2 played better than I had expected, and a great
setlist, in most every way, except that HP Leopold is now playing
crappy electronic drums which didn't work for me at all during the
real 'rock' parts. Jan Kahlert was also there, with his much superior
electronic kit (his sounded more like real drums than Leopold's).
So percussion for AD2 was a real problem. Karrer played some great
guitar though (Kanaan was the coolest track live), and Renate was in
good form. Took lots of liberties with the phrasing of many lines,
but then the original phrasings were already so strange and chaotic
than changing them hardly degrades the song.

*Luigi Archetti, as he often does, played lots of freak-out guitar
last night, which was cool.

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