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Mon Jan 3 18:18:05 EST 2005

Keep us posted about the DVD release of Krautrockpalast if you hear


On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 23:19:11 +0100, Henderson Keith <keith.henderson at PSI.CH>

>Hey Folks...
>At the webpage for that Dutch one-dayer in April (where Litmus is confirmed
>already), it mentions that they're trying to get Hawkwind to come and
>headline.  They have three stages and an intended 10-band lineup (no names
>listed yet), but it may turn out to be a worthwhile trip.  Note that lots
>the other bands will likely be of the heavier, stoner type, rather than
>widdly stuff.  But that suits me fine.  Oh, and has anybody heard this
>CD featuring the Conner Brothers from Screaming Trees?  The Roadburn folks
>seem to suggest it's quite space-rocky.
>Ciao...Grakkl (FAA)
>P.S. Set-list from last night's Krautrockpalast broadcast on WDR Koeln.
>Official DVD to be released at some point in the future, I understand.
>Birth Control
>1. Just Before the Sun Will Rise
>2. Back From Hell (Peter Foeller guesting on vocals)
>3. Gamma Ray (w/ solos)
>1. Woman
>2. Big City
>3. Fresh Air
>4. Reflections
>5. Tequila Shuffle
>Guru Guru
>1. Living in the Woods
>2. Izmiz
>3. Kleines Pyjama
>4. Moshi Moshi
>5. Der Elektrolurch jam
>1. Burning Fire
>2. Rock 'n' Roll Testament
>3. In the Midnight
>4. Queen of the Night
>5. Keep it Together
>Amon Düül II
>1. Archangel's Thunderbird
>2. Green-Bubble-Raincoated Man
>3. Deutsch Nepal
>4. Speed Inside My Shoes
>5. All the Years Round
>6. Kanaan
>1. Daytime
>2. Spain/Windows medley
>3. Out in the Rain
>Quick thoughts...it was pretty cool to see
>these bands on TV, esp. AD2 and Guru Guru. As you might imagine,
>their performances were in one sense the most chaotic and mistake-
>prone, but then they were also by far the most experimental*
>and 'true' to the krautrock ideal, so of course they were the most
>enjoyable. AD2 played better than I had expected, and a great
>setlist, in most every way, except that HP Leopold is now playing
>crappy electronic drums which didn't work for me at all during the
>real 'rock' parts. Jan Kahlert was also there, with his much superior
>electronic kit (his sounded more like real drums than Leopold's).
>So percussion for AD2 was a real problem. Karrer played some great
>guitar though (Kanaan was the coolest track live), and Renate was in
>good form. Took lots of liberties with the phrasing of many lines,
>but then the original phrasings were already so strange and chaotic
>than changing them hardly degrades the song.
>*Luigi Archetti, as he often does, played lots of freak-out guitar
>last night, which was cool.

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