HW X-mas Single thoughts

Jon Jarrett jjarrett at CHIARK.GREENEND.ORG.UK
Tue Jan 4 10:57:14 EST 2005

On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, SHLL (Scott Heller) wrote:

> Any thoughts on this single?
> I think the band were pretty stoned when they made the christmas track.
> Richard is clearly gone a bit too far with the computer sex... Ritual
> Breathing reminds me of an outtake from the White Zone. Some really cool
> panning. This stuff sounds really great in the headphones. I guess it
> was mixed by Alan??

        Not tried it on phones yet, I don't really have a functional
headphone set-up and it's things like this that remind me I need to sort
this out. I don't have _White Zone_ anyway so it wouldn't help me test
your theory :-)

        I thought the single track was pretty silly, but in a good
way. This doesn't mean that I've played it at anyone else
though... Richard's lyrics contain some quality innuendo in `Angela
Android' and my heart goes out to him for "we're so alive and they're all
nearly dead", someone in the band is still young at heart! But I agree he
probably needs to get out a bit more given how much of a theme it seems to
be. He's just that bit *too* far into the concept ;-)

        One thing I did notice was the presence of Simon on `Ritual
Breathing' so I guess that track and the previous one are probably both
studio jamming from c. 2001? This makes me want to know when `Christmas
Treat' was put down, presumably more recently as its production sounds
more like the MP3 clips on the website. That in turn makes me wonder if
Simon's contributions remain on any of what we may some day hear in
full. After all, back then it was still the Death Generator album from

> all the best in 2005 to everyone.

        Likewise to all. Yours,

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