HW X-mas Single thoughts

Nick Lee nick.lee2 at VIRGIN.NET
Fri Jan 7 16:37:57 EST 2005

>        One thing I did notice was the presence of Simon on `Ritual
>Breathing' so I guess that track and the previous one are probably both
>studio jamming from c. 2001? This makes me want to know when `Christmas
>Treat' was put down, presumably more recently as its production sounds
>more like the MP3 clips on the website. That in turn makes me wonder if
>Simon's contributions remain on any of what we may some day hear in
>full. After all, back then it was still the Death Generator album from
They needn't be that old. Simon was with the band up until August '03
(he'd have been playing in the band when that version of AA was probably
recorded - on the Spring '03 tour). Whether he's still on the new album
or not is another matter...

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