HW: Cambridge & Astoria

M Holmes fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK
Fri Jan 7 10:17:51 EST 2005

Henderson Keith writes:

> The "Assassins of Allah/Palestine" bit, apart from being stale and tired,
> also had Richard fooling around with his electronic rack and not doing the
> bongoing bit that he once did.  I remember it well from the Cleveland Agora
> (1995) show (wow...this thing has now hit 10 consecutive years at least?!)
> where Richard did some great stuff during Palestine.  It's still "OK" and I
> like to have these trancey bits spliced into the occasional tracks, but it's
> time for a new combo.

Yup. I still like to hear them doing Palestine but I reckon it could be
tried as a middle section for "Sword of the East".

It's a shame they dropped that meld of Seeing It As You Really Are and
Earth Calling too. That really was improving while it was in the setlist.

We can take it as a given that I'm still rooting for a longer version of
"Where Are They Now?"

> Though I think the
> tracklist *could* have been a bit better here, if some of the more
> interesting 'classics' had been chosen over the more 'standard' numbers,
> like e.g., '7x7' in place of 'Brainstorm,'

A sound idea!

> or 'The Watcher' in place of 'Angels of Death,'

The Watcher works much better as a menacing track.

> On that note, 'Brainbox Pollution' is
> pretty cool to have in there as an encore

Yep, that's been going down extremely well at every gig I've seen it played.

The lightshow was amazing, particularly at Manchester.

A great tour and hello again to all the folks I bumped into, and even
the ones I just talked to...


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