Recommendations please

Alien Dream michael_1968 at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Mon Jan 24 19:44:48 EST 2005

I would recomend waiting for the re-releases and get:  (Well buy any and all
of anything that is re-released in the next year or so )
Quark Strangeness and charm
Electric Tepee (Still available i think)
Alien 4 / Love in space (or both)
Levitation (Still available) and or Xenon Codex
Warrior on the edge of time

and then when you have those you will definatly be wanting more - so for the
next 5 I'd say

Palace Springs
Space Bandits
Choose your masques
It is the bussiness of the future to be dangerous

and then....ah hell just buy everything taking care not to get double ups of
the re-re-re-released versions of certain releases by certain ex members
unless you become a full on collector and just want it all  :-)
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From: "Tony" <tony.orourke at TALK21.COM>
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 10:49 AM
Subject: Recommendations please

> OK folks, I need some recommendations.  As I originally joined this list
> for
> the BOC part of it, I feel somewhat of a pretender, not having bought a
> Hawkwind CD since "Hall Of The Mountain Grill" back in 945 BC!!.  However
> I
> feel the need to remedy this situation immediately.  If you had to choose
> only five Hawkwind albums for a relative novice (I've got "Masters Of The
> Universe" and "Space Ritual", which would they be?  It's my birthday soon
> and I know I'll be scratching my head wondering what to buy with the
> Amazon
> vouchers I'm bound to get.
> Cheers
> Tony

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