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Hi Tony,

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 23:01:32 -0000, Tony <tony.orourke at TALK21.COM> wrote:

>Er....thanks to everyone for recommending the following 25 Hawkwind CDs.

Yes, this is a problem when getting recommendations from HW fans.  There
are *lots* of CD's, and many are very different, so you may find that
different folks have vastly different opinions about them.

As some people have mentioned, some of the better albums are sadly out-of-
print; I've indicated those on your list with [OOP].

>They appear in order of the highest number of recommendation.
>Live Chronicles
>Love in Space [OOP]
>Collectors Series Vol 2: Choose your Masques
>Epocheclipse 3CD 30th anniversary set
>Palace Springs
>Quark Strangeness and Charm [OOP]
>Warrior On The Edge Of Time [OOP]
>1999 Party
>Alien 4
>Doremi Fasol Latido
>Electric Tepee
>Space Bandits
>ASAM (aka 'Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music') [OOP]
>Canterbury Fayre 2001
>Do not Panic
>In Search of Space
>It is the Busness of the future to be dangerous
>Live 1990
>Live 79
>Live Chicago 21.03.1974 [same album as 'The 1999 Party']
>Sonick Attack
>Tales from Atomhenge [OOP]
>The Hawklords Live
>Xenon Codex
>Live Chronicles must be good as it was recommended on no less than five
>separate occaisions.

I enjoy it, but as Carl mentioned, beware of the Spinal Tap-isms.  I
wouldn't recommend starting with it unless you really do like 80s metal
(not that it's a typical 80s metal album at all!).

I would also recommend not starting with these albums, because they're
live albums of somewhat rough sound quality:
Hawklords Live
Complete 1979 (2-CD version; the one-CD version sounds totally "pro")
Do not Panic
Collectors Series Vol 2: Choose your Masques

Better sound quality can be found on the following live albums:
1999 Party (aka Chicago 21.03.74)
Live 79 (single CD version)
Palace Springs
Live 1990 (aka Nottingham 1990)
Love In Space (currently available as DVD, but not CD)
Canterbury Fayre 2001

>Epocheclipse got three recommendations.  £9 for 3cds
>on Amazon looks a steal!!

I would strongly recommend starting with this one.  It should give you a
pretty good overview of which eras of HW you like the most, making your
subsequent decisions easier ...

>Anyway, I think I'll start with the top ones and
>see what happens.

Good luck!

     jasret at

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