Recommendations please

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I think its a great album.  Futuristic Space Rock.  Which is what Hawkwind
seems to be about (in their day) - pushing the boundaries of expectation and
breaking/bending the rules.   Techno and trance are just evolved forms of
space rock if it is looked at closely but I know how frightening change is
for a great majority of people(myself included on some issues).  For example
the way our parents etc hated Space Rock when it arrived on our/their
stereos.  There's an interesting thought....
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> On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 03:32:14PM +0000, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
>> it's "more Spinal Tap than Spinal Tap" look :)
> Well, I guess they were just turning the STness up to 11 :-)
> More seriously:
>  - Someone mentioned "It Is the Business of the Future to be
>    Dangerous".  Just so's you don't get taken by surprise ...
>    this is one of my faves (which unfortunately got nicked from
>    my car a while ago :-( I really need to replace it) -- but a
>    lot of people here disparage it as "Hawkwind's techno album".
>  - "Live 79" has also been mentioned.  Be aware that there's
>    also a two-CD variant called "Complete 79".  Same cover art.
>    I'm guessing it's a superset of Live 79; others here will
>    know for sure.
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