Off: Theramin

Maxine Wesley maxine.wesley at PORT.AC.UK
Fri Jan 28 05:47:17 EST 2005

I thought theramin was a drug .... until i chanced across a band at the
local pub - a wailing, japanese, female synth player accompanied by a
chap on the theramin - unfortuntely the combination had many of us
(and we are hard core music fans) diving for the 'quieter' end of the
pub. However I can definitely see the potential for space rock - just
need someone to master the thing, something I have yet to witness.



Here's to an excellent 2005 and a smashing Hawkfest (have we found
a site yet?... I could highly recommend the 'Robin Hill Country Park' on
the Isle of Wight - it's got it's own miniture village and only needs a
couple of marquees and a stage to make it the perfect location for
Hawkfans (it has a lovely forest interspersed with adventure
playground, and a large toboggan ride) - I attended this years 'Bestival'
(most excellent),  there so they do host festivals.... if you want more
details shout....

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