We didn't do it ;-(

pete howe sunboxhouse at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Sep 4 17:09:54 EDT 2005

yes, i agree , Mick..
despite being no 1 in pre release singles at Amazon  etc, the only shop that
stocked it in small quantities was HMV...and that simply isnt good enough.
Its all about distribution and airplay.And voiceprint didnt distribute.If
people had heard it enough times on Radio 2 or heck, Radio 1 ...and then
been able to walk into  their  record shop and buy the damn thing...it might
have done a lot better.
Still, on a brighter note..i still say many of the best bands are judged on
their albums, and their place in music history...and hawkwind can stand
shoulders high on those counts, and have never really been singles
fodder!Also, maybe if "the Wright Stuff" had been on tv during its
release(nice one, channel 5!)Matthew could have promoted it  on
there,too.Perhaps Sam Fox should have sung the second verse?!!

>From: Mick Davis <mickymoocher at AOL.COM>
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>Subject: Re: We didn't do it ;-(
>Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 16:40:41 -0400
>feel for you dave but in all honesty , you were beating your head against a
>brick wall. Going with voiceprint was a BIG mistake as they are next to
>useless and what chance was there if it couldnt even get in one shop in the
>its a big shame but even taking someone like mathew wright on board was no
>good- he obviously has no influence at all in the media- shame!
>maybe next week!

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