What WOULD do it???

Cyberkrel deadearnest at BTOPENWORLD.COM
Mon Sep 5 18:25:22 EDT 2005

nooooooooo...............not a chance - you would lose so much money by
trying to TV advertise a single, you'd be out of your mind to try. The
record companies mostly lose money on singles as it is - why else the
headlong rush to make everyone download the things!! - and spending money on
one just to get it to chart would surely mean a visit from the men in the
white coats!!!!
TV advertising the album is a different matter - but then you've got to have
the money - and even a label like SPV would not have THAT sort of money, let
alone Voiceprint - and the companies who DO have the money, wouldn't sign
Catch 22!!
Andy G.
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From: Ian Kershaw <Digitalhaunting at AOL.COM>
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 10:16 PM
Subject: Re: What WOULD do it???

> TV & Radio advertising!!! The money spent on the SOTA Video, that most  of
> may never see, could have been spent on advertising the forth coming album
> TMTYL on TV, this would have made people more aware of Hawkwind. Most of
> younger generation don't even know Hawkwind exists. Advertising the  SOTA
> single on commercial radio would have got some sort of airplay,  also it
could have
> mentioned the fact Matthew Wright was also singing on the  track, it dose
> mention his name anywhere on the single covers, so to old  Hawk fans, who
> not know about Matthew involvement, will just see this as  another SOTA
> remake. Angela Android, would have made a far better single,  its got a
catchy beat,
> & with a bit of radio advertising, could have got a  lot of people
> interested. Someone said The Right To Decide would be a good  single, but
that would be
> promoting an old album that's hard to get hold of, you  need the new songs
> promote the Hawkwind of today.
> Ian

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