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Steve Bishop steve.bishop at DB.COM
Fri Sep 9 05:32:39 EDT 2005

Hey - the Dear Deidre page is always worth a read, the 'letters' are very imaginative !

Think Wrighty should probably have provided a bit more background info on the 'Wind in his intro cos most Sun readers won't have the foggiest who they are .................. but it's great publicity, bet the Sun has never done a 'Wind review before !

As for England, they have great players but Sven can't seem to meld them into a performing team - too much tinkering, he should stick to the 4-4-2 system and play the players where they are best suited, not try and make them fit into his weird formations

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Agree completely with Dave,

Its a fantastic bit of manouvering to get a Sun review, the number of
eyes on that review today will put all other reviews in terms of
visibility in to the shade...

As for the football, yep correct, I'm scottish and well pleased with the
  Scotland results over the past week.
That said, I'm a realist & England are our only real chance of any
success in the world cup..
I was good to see England loose the other day as they needed a good kick
up the arse.. Hopefully it will kick start the team into realising that
they have to improve BIG time if they are to do anything near what is
expected of them next summer.

Sven should go, but not before the finals, His eye seems to be more on
chasing women than football, and that does not do him favours with the
press, who are no doubt looking for the next Kiss & tell involving this
damaged manager England have.

right... of to buy the scandel rag.


Dave Law wrote on 9/9/2005, 10:06 AM:

 > i'll try and reply to both Iain and Colm's post here
 > can't sat i disagree with you about the Sun and i can't say i agree with
 > hardly anything it stands for, they like to think that they speak on
 > behalf
 > of the whole country, a perfect example being the current England manager
 > "crisis" (tho i doubt this will worry people with the surnames
 > Ferguson and
 > Mc Williams ;-) ) they quote in todays paper "England fans want Sven
 > Goran
 > Eriksson to be sacked" well i'm an England fan and i personally don't!
 > but
 > regardless of this and as you rightly point out it does have massive
 > circulation and as the old saying goes you can't look a gift horse in
 > the mouth!
 > moving on to Matthew Wright he used to be the showbiz editor for
 > either the
 > Mirror or the Sun and i hear he is well conected in Fleet street.
 > hope that helps
 > regards
 > dave


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