HW: TMTYL-another review

David Kuznick dkuznick at ALUMNI.BRANDEIS.EDU
Wed Sep 14 11:52:51 EDT 2005

Quoting Ted Jackson <Tjackson at SYR.EDU>:

> Hey, consider us BÖC fans.  It's not easy to be objective when
> you've waited a while for new output.  It was hard to point
> out the flaws in HF and CotHM.

Wow, spoken like a true fanboy.  :-)

> but, like all CDs, they are
> there...

I was really surprised with how good HF was (not every track of course :-).  I
had avoided it for years after reading negative reviews.  On CotHM I found very
little to get excited about.

> And, like BÖC, HW's duff tracks are still better than most
> other band's best stuff...

Though I think BOC suffers much more from a worse filler to good-stuff ratio
than Hawkwind.  But that's me, I'm sure many people think most of their albums
are great all the way through.  Both still kick-ass live though.  Maybe I'll
even get to see Hawkwind again here in the US this decade...  Annoys me to no
end that the Ozrics have been doing almost yearly swings through the US
recently (and are headlining Day 1 of NEARFest next year!) and HW almost never
makes it over, and when they do, it tends to be for a one-off.

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