Wot no Allen?

Ted Jackson Tjackson at SYR.EDU
Tue Jul 25 07:25:46 EDT 2006

>>> grinningboy at NTLWORLD.COM 7/24/2006 4:17 PM >>>
No Allen at the Astoria yesterday either. Eric said from the stage that he 
is ill and would be getting treatment back in the States - although he 
didn't elaborate.

Hope it isn't emphysema!

This was the 3rd gig that I saw on this tour (Guilfest, Southampton and 
London) - didn't get to see Astronomy at any of them - there was alot of 
loud requesting for it. 

Well, Astronomy is fairly keyboard-heavy.  I doubt EB could
handle the singing and keys for that one.  BTW, in AL's 
absence, is EB playing more keys or are they just avoiding
the keyboard stuff?

The Astoria set contained no encores as there was a 
10:15 curfew. This was a bit of a shame as they could have come on earlier 
and done a slightly longer set,

Are we talking about the same band here?  BÖC play a little
extra for the fans?  I missed something...

 but hey it was still an hour and a half ish 
of BOC, and they spent quite a long time on the stage at the end of the set 
thanking the crowd etc. Southampton was the best gig I saw - great venue 
(like someone's front room) long set and some gems thrown in too - see you 
in black, transmaniacon mc. 

No kidding?  Haven't heard of SYiB in the set for quite a while.  
Love that tune, esp. live...


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