BOC: Sunday Times review

Arjan Hulsebos arjanh at WOLFPACK.NL
Sun Jul 30 15:50:19 EDT 2006

On Sun, 30 Jul 2006 18:23:32 +0100, Tim Hall wrote
> Jason Scruton wrote:
> >,,2090-2279023.html
> You have to remember that the review sections of the broadsheets are 
> where NME hacks go to die.
> UK music journalists have been collectively full of shit since the 
> late 70s, if not earlier.  All of them are programmed with the same 
> groupthink, and they are a 100% negative influence on the UK music 
> scene, massively hyping the latest flavour of the month talentless 
> drivel, and ignoring or sarcastically dismissing the good stuff out there.

Maybe so. But then this reviewer must've had an off-day  ;-)


Arjan H

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