Calvert and Turner re-releases coming

Rich W cosmicdolphin at COMCAST.NET
Tue Nov 28 18:41:32 EST 2006

Yep It's UK.

I have one of the 'Eclecetic Discs' High Tide reissues and was very 
happy with that.  I contacted them directly to check whether the bonus 
track on 'Xitintoday' was the bonus flute piece Cleopatra had on their 
1990s re-recording of the album, and they confirmed it's a totally 
different piece.

I also asked them whether 'Lucky L**f and the Longships' would have the 
original version of 'Making of Midgard' and not the alternate mix on the 
BGO CD, and they're also saying yes.

Very friendly people :-) Replied promptly too...


David Kuznick wrote:
> Quoting Ulf Hamr <lindas1 at ADELPHIA.NET>:
>> Hi David, What country is this place in? I missed the cd release of Sphynx
>> the last time. One of Nik's best works, in my opinion.
> Judging by the fact that the prices are quoted in pounds, I'd say the UK is a
> god bet. ;-) In fact:
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