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vzenv14m maryann.sullivan1 at VERIZON.NET
Sun Aug 12 11:42:49 EDT 2007

Note from Jim Lascko,	Hi friends, Jim asked me to post this, so, I'm doing
as asked.


PS: I'm thinking of selling off much of my Hawkwind things and I was
wondering if you would be kind enough to post a notice of this on any
of the Hawkwind forums you're on? Tell people to contact me by email if
they are interested. I have about 140 vinyl albums, lots of 45's, some
t-shirts, posters, one of those pewter Hawkwind warrior shields - in
addition to a ton of the little Hawkwind pamphlets, fanzines, and other
misc. items put out over the years. I'll consider any offers on all of
these things.

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