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Sun Nov 18 12:47:09 EST 2007

I'm looking down the opposite end....IMPO, I think plugs having even the
remotest of the remostest conncetion to the Hawk (Wind),  that these should
be considered divine integral parts of a list I have an idea for:
I have (mostly) rebelled against getting a passport (mainly to show
Brock-lord) my own personality and trust.....it proved to be correct at that
time, as I got the 97 CD...which is suicide material if you don't have it or
a means to grabhold.
I am (really) going to unload some CD pleasantries and maybe the hell will
lift for a second where I can delve deeper into my old talents??? (Alan's
world, catch up on the newer important HW gear)
the idea: one of the people here who have Brock on their speed-dial, please
firmly suggest that his best friend Mike in Texas says (it could be a ) good
chaotic move to throw some unreleased ACTIVE/RCA material as BOC-L
exclusives.......this place was *_THE FIRST_   no?*
*mike c*

On 11/18/07, Ian Abrahams <ianabrahams1 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> There's a couple of new tracks on-line at Alan Davey's Myspace page,
> recorded with Simon House as part of Alan's 'Artists United' project ...
> will only be on the player for a couple of weeks so pop along and have a
> listen:
> www.myspace.com/alandaveymusic
> And, if I can plug myself while I'm at it (sorry, folks!), updates to my
> spacerock reviews blog this weekend include an extract from an interview
> with Wayne Kramer of MC5 (yes, I know! Not space rock but never mind!) and
> reviews of vert:x, Mooch, Alison Faith Levy & Mushroom and Soft Mountain:
> www.spacerockreviews.blogspot.com
> Adverts over!
> Ian
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