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Hi Paul,
Since my high school teachers decided a blind person was not capable of
comprehending physics, I've never taken a physics course in my life.  Chris
tried to teach me a bit about partial physics, but I don't know my protons
from my electron, and all those forces and stuff, ak!!!
I was always under the impression that psychoacoustics involved the affect
of sound on the body.  I want to know it all, (grin).  Chris, having been an
engineer was going to demonstrate some of the techniques, which he's
previously done when we played with time using a digital delay.  Thank you
for your condolences, I don't know what I'm going to do without him.
At one time,  I'd thought about doing work with sufferers of chronic pain
using my degree in psychology, and getting certified to do massage therapy.
I don't have the hand strength, or discipline for that.  I noticed when my
shiatsu (acupressure) therapist did her treatment she was totally focused on
the breathing.  Being a chronic sufferer of migraines I don't know if I'm
strong enough for that.  I guess I'll continue working with my prisoner's
rights group, and the peace group, the way things are going on with this
earth scares me, and that's a reason why we chose not to have children.  By
not doing anything, I'm as culpable as those who are actively destroying our
home, "Silence means approval," (r.e.m).  Since I'm still here there must be
a reason.  If all this is a wake up call it's a hell of an attempt for a
"Cure for complacency."
Please, if Anyone can tell me what's being said in the background of Psi
Power leading up to the previous quote I must know. I've listened to it
backwards forwards, and can't quite hear what's being said.   Lord of light
was my first Hawkwind experience, but Psi Power is very special to me.  I've
had telepathic experiences I can't explain, nor can others who claim to have
a working understanding of the mind.  If anyone else finds telepathy
particularly interesting, please contact me off list?  It's something that
happens to me sometimes, but I don't have, or want control over it.
Thank you Paul, for indulging me here on my rant, since the group is getting
it too we can call it group therapy, right?
I sincerely appreciate your good vibes, they help.  I want you, and everyone
on the list to know how much your support has meant in this being the worst
time of my life.  I hope Chris isn't suffering any more, which he was,  due
to the inadequate health care he received. An example being, they knew he
needed his teeth taken out, with a lot of cutting into the bone, the only
way they'd do it was with no Novocain, or anything, 1 tooth every few weeks,
and they wanted to take them all out, since due to neglect they weren't
worth saving.  I don't know too many people who would submit to that.
I'm sorry, I digress, I'm usually not this disjointed., I guess it's a
verbal manifestation of the chaos in my heart and soul I'm going through.


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On 22 Jul 2008, at 8:37 PM, Mary Sullivan wrote:

> My real interest in psychoacoustics is to change states of mind,
> especially
> my own, and induce relaxation.

I think there is a confusion of terminology here.  As I understand it,
"psychoacoustics" is the field that studies the psychophysics of
hearing, i.e., the limits that the biology and operation of the human
ear places upon the ability to perceive sounds.  What you seem to be
talking about is how sound affects higher-order brain functioning.
This may well fall under the umbrella of psychoacoustics but it's not
what springs to my mind when the term is used.

Still, it's all interesting.

Cheers (and heartfelt condolences),


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