Book a Space combo for your private party

Gordon Hundley drgoon at MAC.COM
Sun Jan 25 15:58:39 EST 2009

Good call. I saw Harvey play a gig in Cyndee Lee Rule & Optiques  
Jeff's living room over here in the USA. It was very cool. I'd love to  
see many more such intimate shows, but somebody inconveniently placed  
a large ocean between the countries which makes it less practical.  
People still living in the UK have less of an excuse. It really  
doesn't take a huge area to put on a couple of performers (such as  
Trev & Kev) and if its your house, you get to relax on your favorite  
sofa or recliner while they entertain you. Admittedly you may not be a  
stellar space rock violin player or master vegan cupcake baker like  
Cyndee, but if the audience hasn't been over here they won't have been  
spoilt with those unreasonable expectations. :)


(still psyched about the Gong & Steve Hillage Band announcements for  
NEARfest '09)

On Jan 21, 2009, at 12:26 PM, trev wrote:

> Yes, lots of us are in the sh#t because of the greed and  
> incompetence of our upper-class bankers etc and it means that the  
> entertainment industry gets hit hard because ordinary people are  
> more concerned with boring things like warmth, shelter and food.
> Here is an idea which is catching on in the USA...House gigs
> In the states they are putting on full bands (Bigger houses and more  
> space) but to put a small relatively low-volume combo on at a party  
> at home would be a practical proposition over here.
> Nik and Harvey are one duo who might fill the bill
> Trev and Kev of course who are tailor-made for such things
> I'm sure that musicians like Ron Tree, Alan Davey, Jerry Richards  
> etc would have little trouble knocking a duo together if they wanted.
> Just make sure that you're not too far from where the band live,  
> charge a modest fee  (could be a donation if you think your friends  
> are generous enough), and there you go.
> The expenses involved would be a small fraction of what it takes to  
> put a full band on at a gig.
> You can get in touch with any musician via their Myspace these days
> Well go on!
> Otherwise Space Rock might become extinct
> ooer
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