Mike Coleman

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Sat Jan 31 13:21:41 EST 2009

Wouldn't you love it Mary if he is named Ian??
I've got a guess but I don't want to be wrong
among the folding record collections that I hoovered, I'm recalling there
was one named John, who also cleverly got days off in the name of religion.
I knew it was good for something, I equate it to thumbsucking
Mike C, who cannot stand calcium added into orange juice, and whom has a
simple start to avert possible human annihilation in the next few years...
"procreation, that's not the same as #1 and #2""

On 1/31/09, Lost Johnny <busterpepper at midwaynet.net> wrote:
> Mike ,its been a few years since I talked to you .Are you still that
> really addicted ,Hawkwind collector with the 20 or so copies of Church of
> Hawkwind on vinyl ? I still have a picture somewhere you sent me , with all
> your Church of Hawkwind vinyls laid out on the floor .

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