The what...?

mike coleman insect.brain at GMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 3 16:19:53 EST 2010

i't be kinda funny if you'd said "yeah, dude, you might want to get as far
away from me as possible"....."I love moshing these kids with mommies faces"
anyway, I'm liking this mid-forties getting older thing, but confess to
looking at bands on TV shows and thinking "wow- I REALLY want to
relate......but how?"

On 3/3/10, Steve Swann <swann1066 at> wrote:
> At last night's Flogging Molly show, a few feet from the stage:
> Young Guy: "Hey there.  Is this your first Flogging Molly show?"
> Me: "Nope!"
> YG: "So you know what's going to happen up here?"
> Me: "Oh yeah I know I'm going to get moshed"
> YG: "Ok... It's just when I see one of the older crowd up here I feel I
> ought to warn them."
> of the what?!!!!  :-)
> Steve

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